At SOTC, we always believe in providing equal career opportunities to individuals from all sectors and gender. We are particular in our selection process, because we believe in delivering the best. Customer delight is our ultimatum and talent with a passion to serve client is always welcomed.

We at SOTC proudly say, we have a great mix of individuals from across the country who are interested to be part of this growing organization. We have a talented talent acquisition team who will help you get the deserved position in our organization through a process of screening, scrutiny, interviewing, selection, initiation of background verification etc.

We have around 40% of women employees across India who are recruited every year. We also welcome internship programs for students from travel & tourism colleges.

This year witnessed over 100+ plus interns across India.

Below are few sources of recruitment
1. Career Website - you can mail your resumes to; profiles are further processed and the best are called forward for interviews
2. Campus Placements - Every year we choose 15 best colleges across the country to hire the best outgoing students for our Management training programme and for the MDP who come with prior experience
3. Employee Reference - maximum closures on open mandates come from word of mouth and it’s from our internal customers. Any reference closure also gets a referral bonus on completion of 3 months from both referee and referral
4. IJP - Internal Job posting are sent across to ALL India users, in-case there lies any interest of any internal customer who needs a movement in their career, location or role
5. Consultants - We have 10 best prospective consultants we work with
6. Job Portal and Social Media: job portal is been a saving grace to the talent acquisition team, Facebook and LinkedIn recruiters portal are handy too getting and growing networks
7. Alumni - Ex-employees are always welcomes those who quit for various reasons and still felt we are best as a team

Post Recruitment:
All new joinees go through a detailed induction by respective HR business spoc at their respective location of employment. This one day session gives you the insight of the history of the company, who's who in the organization and a rundown of what our code of ethics are. A "buddy" is assigned to every new joinee for a seamless joining experience.. This is also followed by an "Anubhav Survey". As the name suggests, all new joinees can share their experience post joining SOTC and provide suggestions on how we can improve and be the best.

Employee Engagement:
At SOTC, The life cycle of engagement begins right from the day he/she joins.. Effective onboarding is key to engaging new hires.

A long list continues from thereon with assigning a buddy, coffee with leaders, Goal settings, visiting employee in their work space, be it in any implant or franchise location etc. A team of talented HR spocs are behind the success of one’s tenure at SOTC and retention of the same goes without any extra effort.

Those who get associated with SOTC have always praised of the employee engagement environment we provide to the employees, a family atmosphere, flexible work timings, leave policies including maternity and paternity, family-days, annual Managing directors forum, Champions call etc.

WOW (Women of Will) is one such activity which takes place and boosts the women employees to participate, celebrate and enjoy their tenure at SOTC. This year WOW celebrated the womanhood by taking our women employees on a holiday to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

No celebrations are complete without actually celebrating festivities. A line of holidays and festivals are pre-planned for employees starting with various fun activities like: The Father's days, Women's days, team excursions and off sites, Independence day, October fest, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi celebration, Secret Santa and Christmas celebrations.

Some of the very exquisite best practices of SOTC are:
1. MDP - Manager's Development Program for various levels - Managers and above, GM's, DGM's etc. This year Goa and Nasik have been the destinations to groom prospective leaders
2. SOTC Fellowship Awards - this recognizes employees in various categories and are for their best performances. This year the event scaled heights and created a discerning impact on all our minds at Mumbai with reigning performances and awards
3. KMS - Key Managers Seminar is a model designed to those 10% of the mid managers and above cadre who handle teams to help them with strategy management and growth patterns for the coming years.
4. Best Places to work survey - we enthusiastically participate in this survey so that we know where we stand in employee satisfaction and where we could improve.