People, SOTC India's most valuable asset

SOTC India has unwavering faith in the talent and growth potential of its employees. We take great care to align individual and organizational growth at every step. Thus ensuring that organizational culture is inspiring, motivating and one in which achievement and success whether of the individual or team, is celebrated and encouraged. This is why SOTC defines its Employee Value Proposition as a 'Fellowship of Winners'.

Because of the company's commitment and various initiatives to build a 'Fellowship of Winners' today most Business Unit Heads at SOTC India are young, homegrown, talented individuals holding positions of great responsibility.

The SOTC Code of Conduct aims to create a work environment where people are treated with dignity and respect. Applicable to all business segments, units and areas of activity of the SOTC Group, the Code ensures a harmonious and safe working environment.

While the Code takes care of the environment that individuals function within, SOTC business competencies clearly outline expected behavior at various levels. These competencies are clustered to help people manage day-to-day business, learn to look towards the future in their respective spheres and be prepared, lead their teams and motivate; and effectively handle clients and generate customer delight.

Recruitment and Selection processes in SOTC pay heed to composite data points. A profiling tool and a structured interview process ensure best hires.

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