Using technology to optimize business processes

SOTC India recognizes the importance of technology in today's competitive business environment. State-of-the-art IT systems have integrated and synergized its various business units, reducing costs, improving productivity and giving the company a strong competitive edge.

As IT has traversed the journey from being a support system to being a business enabler, SOTC India has kept pace and advanced its IT systems accordingly. Presently, SOTC India runs highly complex and diversified operations through over 350 offices carrying out diverse business transactions on a real-time basis.

SOTC India has developed and implemented proprietary transaction processing software for its Tour Operating and Destination Management divisions. These cutting edge solutions capture the entire business cycle in an integrated system, from the moment a customer makes an enquiry to his final departure, creating an information goldmine in the process. SOTC India's Business Travel Division has also

automated its operations, allowing corporate clients to track and monitor their travel budgets and expenditure online and add value to the existing management information systems.

SOTC India hosts its business applications in interoperable datacenters in Mumbai & London. Continuous innovation, optimization & the use of best IT practices (ISO 27001, ITIL) give the company a competitive edge.

The IT function in SOTC India has got industry recognition including prestigious CIO 100 award from IDG Group in 2007, 2008, Microsoft Security Strategist Award from Indian Express group, Cybermedia Power CIO listing and EDGE award from Network Computing publications. SOTC India won prestigious SAP ACE award in 2006 for best SAP implementation in service industry.