The KFA Theme - Striving for Gold

The KFA theme identifies the values associated with Winners. These are –Determination, a Fighting spirit, Teamwork and Continuous striving for excellence. The theme symbolizes the winning spirit within achievers in-spite of challenges and competition. The mud or the storm symbolizes the hardships and challenges faced in our daily work. It takes courage to overcome difficult situations and emerge as Winners. We remember that it's hard work and determination that helps raise the bar for excellence in everything we do.


The Kuoni Fellowship Trophy

The new KFA trophy conceptualized in 2013 is based on Kuoni India's Employee Value Proposition (EVP) - A Fellowship of Winners.

The term 'Fellowship of Winners' draws its inspiration jointly from the words 'Fellowship' an association of people who share common beliefs or activities and ‘Winners’ who like to win together. Our EVP celebrates our individual strengths, encourages us to uplift each other whenever required and continuously evolve to achieve success at never before thought of heights. It draws inspiration from the first flight taken by mankind which itself proved the impossible to be achievable.

It was the combined effort of the Wright brothers that changed the paradigm of travel. Thus it was apt for this symbol of the first flight to find pride of place in the new KFA trophy design.


Award Categories

The Gold Fellowship in the category of
• Sales Excellence
• Excellence in Operations
• Customer Service Excellence
• Excellence in Support Services
• Excellence in Team Performance
• Excellence in Innovation
• Intrapreneurial Excellence
• Excellence in Learning
• Excellence in Managing Tours
• Excellence in Performance by a New Entrant in Kuoni India
• Excellence in Performance by a Trainee

The Gold Fellowship in
• Achieving Excellence at Kuoni

The Gold Fellowship for
• Special Recognition from the Kuoni India Executive Board


Our Esteemed Guests

Ms. Anjali Mohanty,
Managing Director, Head of TFCMC & GTB – India, Deutsche Bank

Ms. Kanika Choudhary,
Hon. Ambassador & Special Envoy, Common Wealth of Pennsylvania

Ms. Bridget Goh,
Area Director - South Asia, Singapore Tourism Board

Mr. Stephan Heuberger,
Director, Switzerland Tourism

Mr. Bhavesh Dhupelia,
Senior Partner, KPMG

Talent showcased by Kuoni India staff

S. Nishanthy
- Kuoni Business Travel

Jeevan Nath Goswami
- Kuoni Business Travel

Lester Selvey
- Tour Operating

Gaurav Anand
- Tour Operating