Creating and recognizing a fellowship of winners

SOTC India's HR Vision is 'to create Engaged, Loyal and Capable Employees'. Through an environment of inspiration, motivation and performance, where every SOTC employee is given the opportunity and means to grow, SOTC India is committed to building "A Fellowship of Winners". A culture of dignity, respect, transparency and equity, where potential is consistently recognized, nurtured and rewarded.

SOTC India firmly believes that its workplace is a living university. A workplace where abilities can develop to the optimum by learning and teaching. Where you strive to perfect the art and science of travel. A reflection of this belief is seen at SOTC India. Various systems and processes structured as 'building blocks' are comprised of programmes designed to substantially benefit everyone in the organization, from the new entrant to key managers. The Management Development Programme (MDP) built along the lines of a Travel MBA is the first building block. Designed to strengthen management at the foundational level at SOTC India it is customized to meet specific needs. The MDP exposes young managers to a broad spectrum of pragmatic managerial tools through interaction with practicing managers, academics from premier institutes as well as managers from other SOTC India divisions.

The second building block is the Business Leadership Development Programme (BLDP). Targeted at senior managers the BLDP aims to hone leadership and decision making skills. These building blocks at the India level align with SOTC World’s Strategy Development Programme (SDP) which is designed and conducted at a premier institute in UK.

SOTC India focuses on training as a critical aspect in employee development, an internal process of knowledge sharing. Managers taking an active interest in development of sub-ordinates are trained via Train-the-Trainer programmes. They in turn train their team members on key topics such as product, process, soft skills etc.

Talent in SOTC India is identified through Potential Development Centers (PDCs) and Assessment Centers (ACs). Individual Development Plans for each participant follow. Senior employees participate in the Corporate Development Centre (CDC) conducted in Zurich. SOTC India's Performance Management System is transparent and fair. Performance parameters are set using the MbO method. SOTC employees worldwide now have a common online system - the SOTC Employee Cockpit (KEC). All key result areas as well as appraisals are now online.

Understanding and respecting employee perspective and views is of key importance at SOTC. The annual EM-Power Survey signifying 'employee power' measures work satisfaction levels amongst all SOTC India employees. The SOTC Fellowship Awards at SOTC India, recognizes and rewards excellence, capability, loyalty, and commitment amongst its employees across divisions. These awards have strengthened the bond with employees and resulted in people pushing their limits further.

SOTC's commitment to the various initiatives towards building a 'Fellowship of Winners' is clearly demonstrated. Most Business Unit Heads at SOTC India are young, homegrown, talented individuals holding positions of great responsibility. Management of talent, a key HR input, is helping to grow a successful business in India.

SOTC India's Management Trainee Program was launched in 2011. Branded The Winners Programme it aims to create a talent pool comprising SOTC cadre Managers chosen from professional institutions. By being a part of it, fresh graduates will be exposed to a diverse range of careers in travel while being groomed to become key resources within SOTC.

WOW - Women Of Will

Gender diversity is vital to any workplace. Not just because it's a laudable goal; it simply makes bottom-line business sense. At SOTC, we believe in gender diversity and therefore it is one of the pillars of our Employee Value Proposition.

In order to enhance gender diversity, SOTC has instituted WOW - Women of Will. WOW's endeavor has always been to bring together the women in SOTC India and empower them to unleash their talent and achieve their various goals.

The initiative that started in March 2012, has provided Women at SOTC India a platform to voice their dreams, speak about their survival stories and share their experiences. Under the aegis of WOW, various initiatives like conference calls, workshops, trainings are organized for women employees to develop their skills and potential.

SOTC India strives to keep high the spirit of WOW and drives its raison d'etre through
• Providing a Safe Environment with proactive policies, trainings on Self-defense techniques, Counselling from trained Colleagues and Senior Leaders.
• Monitoring Performance - The Senior Management encourage women employees through frequent interactions.
• Work-life Balance - Chat sessions with notable psychologists and gynecologists and dedicated sessions on Yoga to help bust stress.
• Mentoring - Inviting inspiring professionals and achievers to guide Women Employees in their professional and personal lives.